“Two Branch Support”

Posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One could argue that the more offices an agent has, the more exposure your property will enjoy. But would you really benefit if your local also agent has branches in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Cardiff and Southampton? Highly unlikely! Don’t be impressed by the sheer size of an agency – the only buyers that matter to you are those who may be interested in buying your property and no-one else’s.


However, we find that one of our most effective “secret weapons” is the fact that we have two offices in the area – one in Cheadle Hulme and one in Poynton.


The way the offices work together is arguably one of the reasons for our continued success in the area. This is because we recognise that buyers seldom actually buy the property about which they enquired. In practice they tend to buy a property which is often a compromise, falling slightly below the ideal criteria they initially hoped to achieve.


Our research and experience suggest that the most common form of compromise is “location”. The effect of this is that we often register buyers who are attracted to the centre of  Cheadle Hulme, who have on many occasions bought further out towards Poynton and surrounding areas, as it offers similar qualities.


Conversely we also find that buyers looking in Poynton, but who may be seeking convenience over space, are pleasantly surprised that they can sometimes find an unexpected gem in Cheadle Hulme.


At Richard Lowth & Company, we go to great lengths to understand our buyers’ wants, needs and aspirations. Our two offices can then liaise closely in order to find a way of delivering results for our sellers whilst expanding the possibilities for our buyers. So when you are next thinking about which agent to choose – think twice, as two heads are not only better than one, they are in this case better than a hundred!