Posted on Friday, February 12, 2016


We recently put a dog bowl at the front of our office as just a nice thing to do for the pooches around the area and we’ve had our fair share of thumbs up and friendly smiles from lots of dog owners on their daily walk.


Interestingly though, we’ve had a nice surprise recently……the dog’s been drinking the water and the owner, whose attached to the other end of the lead, has been browsing our window display just looking at the pictures and was tempted to come in for a set of details on one particular property.


A week or so later, they wondered whether they could have a look, but just out of curiosity you’ll understand….. “that’s no problem, it’s only 15 minutes to have a look around and if you’ve got the time, we’re happy to show you”.


Luckily they got the feel so without any pressure I popped around to see theirs and really just left it all with them. Admittedly a few weeks passed by but the outcome you can guess…..they exchanged last week and moved yesterday and all because of our magic dog bowl! No computers, no technology, no website, nothing….just the little old dog magic bowl!