Posted on Friday, October 13, 2017

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Welcome to our personal view on the Poynton property market mixed with just a few of our experiences, which we hope you enjoy reading.


Will there ever be a day in the foreseeable future when Brexit isn’t discussed? I suppose not, as it really affects all our lives to some degree or another. Added to which problems with the weaker pound, rising inflation and general turmoil in the world have up until recently had the effect of making many people take a more cautious approach to selling. It will be interesting to see how the Politicians do with the negotiations over the next few months, although it looks like slow progress. We’ve certainly noticed a change in many people’s outlook, it now seems to be a case of “we wanted to move so we may as well just go for it” and this has reflected in increased viewing levels and some great sales activity.

The Governments push for more housing seems to have led to what seems to me to be a few more planning applications being submitted. I understand there may be a greater return on building larger homes but a few more mixed schemes including bungalows would probably go down well.

In terms of day to day activity we had a really productive open house event at Brookfield Avenue recently which had the desired effect of creating multiple viewings and some positive feedback, but interestingly, the successful buyer, who really got the vibe for the house, appeared the week after, so it really just makes you understand not to rule anybody out. The same thing happened just across the road.

Emily had her hands full in the early part of the month for a good few days dealing with a really long chain of sales and when I say long, I mean long! Trying to understand everybody’s position and trying to bring them all together was an art in itself and would surely put any Brexit negotiator to shame!

The cottage on Park Lane achieved a fair price with good viewings from day one and a sale concluded within a few weeks and both Hazelbadge and South Park Drive proved to be popular and it was great to see both families delighted with their new homes.

There’s still really strong demand for all types of family homes from £200,000 to £500,000 providing, as always they offer fair value.

We managed to conclude a couple of sales ‘off market’, which basically means without any form of advertising which were interesting and showed the benefit of getting to know the local agent, after all our job is not all about technology!

In recent times the property portal OnTheMarket.com has been a useful additional marketing tool which seems to have gained momentum with properties being listed on this and Rightmove.co.uk to give extra coverage. Give it a go its worth using.

See you in the next edition, but in the meantime, if you think we can be of help, give us a call.