Small but mighty: 5 advantages of being a small estate agency

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Here at Richard Lowth & Co we are champions of the single office. We’re a family run agency and proud of it! Our ambitions have always sided more with David than Goliath, and we never wanted to have any more than just one well-run office.


You might be wondering, why?


What’s the advantage of a single office estate agency? Isn’t there more power in numbers?


Well, as times haven’t recently shown us, businesses have to be ready to adapt at the drop of a hat. Smaller agencies, with less overheads, more freedom to adapt to remote working and the ability to act quickly, could fare far better than larger companies.


Here are the top 5 benefits we’ve found to having a smaller estate agency business…


  1. We have a specialised team

We may be small, but we are mighty! Because of the size of our team, each and every one of us has to be well-versed in the art of agency. All of us pitch in, becoming experts in the process. Every member of our team has to understand every aspect of buying and renting. It means that whoever you speak to at Richard Lowth & Co will have a personal and thorough understanding of your needs and requirements.


  1. Personalised care and attention

Every agency claims to have this, but a small agency will have more time to spend on each client! Our referrals often come from word of mouth, due to the attention we give our customers. The time we can devote to our customers and the involvement we have in each move gives us a distinct edge over bigger companies.


  1. A small business is a nimble business 

A small business, with less overheads, can pivot far quicker than a larger company. We are highly adaptable to market conditions, always keeping our fingers on the pulse of the market. Unlike larger companies, who have to spend time communicating and organising various staff members and various branches, we are quick to action.


  1. Focused, specialised local knowledge

We don’t spread ourselves too thin. A single office estate agency will be able to maintain a keen focus on their local area. In short, they will be the property experts of the area, champions of the neighbourhood. This specialised knowledge can really pay dividends when it comes to seeking out the perfect home, or taking the temperature of the local market. 


  1. A targeted local database

A successful small agency, with that all-important personal touch, will be in contact with a database of local buyers and sellers. Here at Richard Lowth & Co, we have an extensive database of motivated buyers, most of whom we met on the many viewings we personally accompany. 

We understand that your moving plans could have changed recently and things may be up in the air. If you have any worries at all, we’re here to help and ready to chat on 01625 859911.


Most importantly, stay safe and well!


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